Ayurveda -

Ayurveda is a science of life especially dedicated to health. Maintaining health of a healthy individual by various measures of health promotion is one of the most important specialty of ayurveda. It is said that in sat yuga there was a battle between two different worlds , in treta yuga battle was between people of two different countries (Ramayana), in dwapar yuga battle was in the family it was between brothers (Mahabharat). Now Kali Yuga is running where evil has came even closer to us and is within us , so battle is between good and bad within us. It depends on how we conquer the evil within us. Evil will encourage to do all the wrong things and god will show us a path of good things, its upto us that to whom we allow win, evil or god. All the wrong deeds we do is considered as a paap karma for which there is a punishment and for every good deed we do there is a reward. It applied to our health too. Whatever we do good for health will promote our health whatever is against health destroy it.

In few years back, some young Ayurveda Doctors, passionately interested in the expansion of Ayurveda, began to meet monthly to formulate a structure to support the Ayurveda Practitioner and classical Ayurveda education and its practice. In 2013, they formed the Ayurved Panchakarma Practitioners Association (APPA). Founding Board Members are Dr.Pramod Upadhye, Dr.Sudhakar Shingade, Dr.Jayprakash Sagare, Dr.Mahesh Jangam, Dr. Yogesh Shete, Dr.Jayesh Bura, Dr.Nitin Lavate, Dr. Vishal Chowgule, Dr.Amol Patil.

Now APPA, has over 50 members.One of APPA’s prime goals is to support Ayurveda practitioners, teachers. APPA’s Standards Committee has been very active in surveying Ayurvedic Practitce and setting standards for APPA members. APPA extends support to the profession of Ayurveda and works to increase visibility and opportunity for Ayurvedic professionals.

Since 2013, APPA has conducted successful Ayurveda conferences on various topics like Psoriasis, Diabetes Mellites in Sangli , Maharashtra, India. These have been very well attended and have offered increasing depth of knowledge for our developing professionals. Every month like-minded Ayurveda Doctors come together, attend various a clinical meeting and discuss various issues of clinical practice as well as various clinical cases, its a wonderful head scratching event for everyone.

The APPA Board of Directors, members and many volunteers are working hard to bring Ayurveda to the forefront of health care.